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Updated 8-21-15

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Current Puppies Available

The next available puppies will be ready in Nov.
Tiramisu and Bandit have 4 gorgeous boys.
I will post photos soon.

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Thank you for visiting Silver brook Maltese. We pride ourselves on  sound Champion pedigrees. (Not just "champion lined" Which simply means somewhere in a dogs history, there may be a champion. Our puppies are raised in our home with regular veterinary care, quality human grade food and much love and attention. 

You are welcome to come and visit our home and meet the puppies in person. We provide excellent references and have many repeat clients.  We offer a health guarantee and a lifetime of re homing should you no longer be able to care for your Teacup or Toy Maltese puppy.

Because this breed is very small (usually between 4 and 6 pounds) and ours are at the smaller end of the scale, it is best look at all aspects of owning this breed. Maltese are not for everyone. They are fragile,need a lot of coat care and require a lot of time and attention, affection, a pleasant environment, quality food, and appropriate vet 
care. The new owner should understand the puppy's background and potential health risks.

Deposits are non returnable. Please inquire about other policies. Most puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract with limited registration. Occasionally, we may offer a show potential puppy. We require a deposit of $1000 for puppies $3000 and under. For puppies 3500 or more, the deposit is 1500) to hold. We accept deposits on puppies younger than 10 weeks. Older than 10 weeks full payment is required. All puppies are held for a minimum age of 12 weeks of age, and older for very small Maltese. 

Safe Delivery
- We invite you to pick up your puppy in person if at all possible. Sometimes work schedules make that impossible. We can offer assistance in securing personal

courier delivery of your puppy.
We will assist only if your puppy is in the cabin of the plane. We will not under any circumstances ship in cargo.
Couriers will  work with you on the best delivery date and you will receive your happy healthy puppy from our hands to yours.
If you are within driving distance in the East, ground couriers are also available for personal service. The starting delivery fee is $400.00 and up for this service.

A word about appropriate age for a puppy to leave it's breeder..


When I speak to a client about a puppy availability date.., I use generalized dates for departure because....  

1. I allow the pup to nurse as long as possible. It is a known fact that leaving a pup with its mother until she interrupts nursing is best (as in nature uninterrupted).

2. I won't start puppy shots till the beginning of weaning  

3. In my house...A puppy must be weaned a full 2 weeks before leaving and  

4. A pup doesn't leave until a minimum of 12 weeks and typically much later.  

I would rather hold a puppy back a little longer to insure health, socialization, and a well established eating schedule etc...
And be strong enough to without-a-doubt to make the journey home and be able to withstand all the stresses of acclimating to a new

I happily sign my name to a  health guarantee on that puppy knowing I did my best to give him or her best start that I could.

The code of ethics for the American Maltese Association states a puppy should be a minimum of 12 weeks. I heartily agree. Maltese like other toys mature more slowly and need that time before enduring the rigors of accepting a new environment.
 Why not give them the best possible start we can??




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